We have been obsessing over the emerging art scene in Detroit, MI.  For part one of our “The Dopeness Of Detroit” series we are highlighting the Heidelberg Project.  Although Detroit has a huge financial budget deficit and a overall loss in population, instead of fleeing the city like so many have over the years, artist Tyree Guyton realized the best way to keep city block safe is to draw attention to it.  From that he created the Heidelberg Project, a public art installation two blocks long that uses recycled materials and bright colors to breathe new life into vacant lots and abandoned homes. Guyton has created an environment for his community to enjoy polka dots, hot pink and a stuffed animal house.  This guy couldn’t be more up our alley. Check out his website to find out more about his amazing history, an adorable book called “Magic Trash”, and the Heidelberg Project’s annual “Dancin’ In The Streets” festival (which sounds like beyond a blast).