By Rosco Spears


Since we were younger, we’ve always been told “not to touch the artwork” while at a museum or when viewing artwork on public display.  Stepping on top or even driving over artwork is totally unheard of.   However, in Chicago, the members and artists of the Chicago Loop Alliance created a piece of artwork that everyone in Chicago can appreciate.  It’s called ‘Color Jam’ and it is one of the city’s largest public art projects.  Artist, Jessica Stockholder, envisioned a 3 dimensional painting that could adorn the city’s streets and she teamed up with a few exceptional individuals to make her vision come to life.  At the intersection of Adams and State streets, the pavement and buildings are draped in beautiful bright hues of paint.  The bright orange, blue, purple and green are sure to brighten up your day!   This piece will be on display until September 2012, so if you’re in the area, go indulge in that goodness!!