Lissa racer back beaded tank dress

1. Because every girl likes to sparkle

2. Because you don’t need any accessories with all the embellishments

3. Because it will make the crowd go wild

High Waist Cuffed Short

1. Because every girl should show a little leg now and then.

2. Because colored denim is a Summer must.

3. Because they show off your waistline perfectly.


1. Because you love stopping traffic with a little leg and some neon.

2. Because we can never pass up an opportunity to rock a vintage throw back.

3. Because it’s the perfect pointy toe you’ve been looking for this season.

Rhymes Mini Bubble Skirt

1. Because you’ll look like a Spring tulip.

2. Because everyone needs some pastel in their wardrobe.

3. Because you can pair it with a casual shirt or fancy top!

Mary Gathered Blouson Tank Dress

1. Because it’s time to replace your winter black with a pop of pink.

2. Because it’s pleated perfection.

3. Because a cinched waist flatters all shapes!

1. Because you know you want to show off that spring pedicure.

2. Because black and nude go with EVERYTHING!

3. Because who doesn’t love a little added height?

1. We are all about bringing the bell bottom back.

2. It pairs well with all the printed tops you never wear.

3. It gives you supermodel legs with zero gym time.

Natalee Printed Sheath Dress With Belt

1. Because we love a garden party in the shape of a dress.

2. Because it’s Krysten Ritter approved.

3. Because it will put some Spring in your step.

3 Reasons I Need This…


1)     This top is just romantic.

2)    We love it buttoned all the way to the top with a brooch or buttoned half way for        effortless sexy.

3)     There is something a little Marie Antoinette about this and we LOVE that movie!

3 Reasons I Need This…


1)      This is just a full on princess dress.

2)      How could you put this on and not feel like the goddess you are?

3)      This is the ultimate dress for a black tie event.


Inspiration Nation

We just always really liked this photo and live for a hot pink wall.

3 Reasons I Need This…

Stevie Silk Halter Dress 

1)      Nothing says summer quite like tie dye

2)     You can honestly tell us there’s a print that would look better on the beach than this?

3)      Fabulous for a pair of flats during the day or a sexy wedge at night